Sometimes the Road Not Taken Kicks A**

I wrote this in 2015 on tumblr but now you need a login to read anything there. I thought it was worth keeping somewhere more public, with a few edits: Today I got into a Twitter discush about this post, “5 Things to Say When Asked ‘Why Do You Want to Work at Goldman Sachs?’" which … Continue reading Sometimes the Road Not Taken Kicks A**


Do the Right Thing

I recently had a conversation with each of my sons about what it means to do the right thing. To me, it means demonstrating integrity and compassion and grace, especially when no one is watching. It pays to be specific about such things, because no doubt they will encounter the exact opposite in their lives. … Continue reading Do the Right Thing

What I Want For Mother’s Day

Four years ago a friend posted this wonderful Mother's Day letter from Mary Carpenter on FB. I re-posted it on Tumblr 2 years ago, and I just might keep posting it in perpetuity because it boils down what I consider the essentials of raising children. I hope it's noticeable that there is no mention of what kind of job or study … Continue reading What I Want For Mother’s Day


The Unbearable Bittersweetness of Parenting

I have always said that I don't "miss" when my boys were babies, because they are such wonderful young men today. To want them to be that helpless—if adorable—little baby in my arms means they are not the person I can share slightly off-color jokes with, who I can explain how interest rates work, who I … Continue reading The Unbearable Bittersweetness of Parenting


All The President’s Cash

While the current part-time occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue uses the office of the Presidency as his reality-TV set while lining the coffers of his family businesses around the world (and in Florida), the Left will do what it does best: beat up on one of its own. This ridiculous post by Vox decrying the purported $400,000 … Continue reading All The President’s Cash


No Regrets

An acquaintance posted this very provocative article on Facebook today, Mothers Who Regret Having Kids, and as much as I didn't want to click on it, I just did, because I was genuinely curious what they meant by that. What follows is an edited version of my comment on that post. I had my kids … Continue reading No Regrets


Drinking Alone (with a woman)

Mike Pence has made some waves with some unearthed comments he made about never dining alone with a woman who's not his wife. And not attending events where alcohol is served if his wife is not there, but other women are.  The theory that "I respect my wife too much to do this" really strikes a positive chord with some people, I … Continue reading Drinking Alone (with a woman)